Attending Freewine: low sulfites and high quality

Settembre 13, 2013 0 di admin

Freewine is the new way of seeing the wine as a healthy food, as much as possible free of allergens, which can enhance the flavors and the land of origin of the grape.

So far, more than thirty Italian companies have attended Freewine at production stage, from picking grapes in the cellar until the bottling by following its scientific and technological path together with custom protocols depending on grape type and production style.

Wines are high quality, long-lasting over time, related to the origin region and the grape variety thanks to the take off of some organoleptic  masks which might limit their expression.

Freewine ® is also a group of Italian companies with a wide range of wine such as Franciacorta, Lugana, Valdobbiadene, Pinot Gris, Muller Thurgau, Barbera, Merlot, both in conventional and organic production.This vintage also some foreign wineries have entered the group.

Health, quality, attention to the consumers. This is Freewine!